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The Best Worker Centric
Return To Work Program

ANS has been saving companies thousands
on corporate Workers' Compensation for decades
Preview The Mulry Method
In The Zone
Life Coaching
Certify your staff with our In The Zone Life Coaching program, and move your claims prevention strategy in-house
Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI)
A revolutionary tool that directly engages staff simply by asking them to clarify their own concerns.
Relaxation Therapy (RT) Audio
Relaxation training is key to preventing injuries and stress management. The RT audio represents years of research and production.
Help Forum
A place for all participants to ask questions, air concerns, post experiences and get help around the clock.

Work Injury Costs in 2020 exceeded $160 Billion*

But you knew that. So let's reverse it

Reaume C. Mulry, PhD has been providing revolutionary consulting to Fortune 500 companies since the 1970s.

In 2023 he began sharing his proprietary, field-proven methods for reducing workers' compensation claim incidents while improving the lives and morale of employees in a 100% online program

* from NSC Injury Facts

Reverse it at your company
Science-Based Practices
Dr. Ray's program is rooted in Social Learning Theory (SLT), Positive Performance Psychology (PPP) and Polyvagal Theory (PV)
Action-Focused Methodology
The Mulry Method provides online tools driving peak performance and goal achievement
Timely, Relevant Reports
Ongoing Personal Assessments by claimants keep you in tune with their state of mind and Return-To-Work progress. What gets measured is what gets done.
Happier, More Productive Staff
As your team proceeds through our self-guiding system & become certified In The Zone Life Coaches, your corporate culture will improve dramatically before your eyes

Free Consultation

    Prevent Injuries while Creating More Fulfilled Workers

    The Mulry Method will help your workers avoid injury, reduce claim numbers, and shorten claimant Return-To-Work times. Your team will have tools to help workers become more dedicated and productive. Leadership will have timely reports to track claimant progress and get actionable data enabling data-driven, measurement-based program changes.

    Find out why a large government agency remained with us for 25 years. Contact Dr. Mulry today

    • Better Staff Performance
    • Effective Risk Management Tools
    • Lower Costs and Reduced Claims

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    Read more about our BioPsychoSocial Model and what drives the phenomenal and proven success of the Mulry Method
    Reaume C. Mulry, PhD
    By: Reaume C. Mulry, PhD
    07 July 2022

    The Mulry 5-Step Method For Internal Locus Of Control

    Just like when planning for a road trip. You want to know where you are going, why, how long it will take and you must have short and long term
    Reaume C. Mulry, PhD
    By: Reaume C. Mulry, PhD
    07 July 2022

    In the Zone Skills Training for Mind/Body Integration with a Full-Body Attitude

    As a Risk Manager, Safety Director, or Human Resources Executive, you can take our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in-house. Join the in-sourcing movement!
    Reaume C. Mulry, PhD
    By: Reaume C. Mulry, PhD
    07 July 2022

    Positive Performance Psychology dramatically reduces Workers’ Compensation Costs

    The Mulry Method is a PsychoEducational service intended for those wanting to help others using our convenient online alternative to face-to-face therapy interactions